Aims and Objectives of Association

The aims and objectives of the Association are

  • To improve the spirit of fraternity among the members;
  • To promote and protect the service interests of the members;
  • To infuse a sense of self-confidence in the younger generation of Engineers and encourage them to improve upon their morale;
  • To guide the members in discharging their duties without fear or favour in order to enhance the prestige of the members and Department;
  • To bring out a monthly journey "Poriyaalar" and publish Technical Books for the use of member-Engineers;
  • To arrange for technical lectures, seminars, courses, conferences, etc., to enrich the knowledge of members and to arrange cultural activities and tours to enrich human relations;
  • To suggest ways and means to improve the efficiency of the Department;
  • To achieve due and rightful place for Engineers in the Administration and Society;
  • To establish and conduct ENGIBEF (Tamil Nadu Public Works Department Engineers' Benevolent Fund) Scheme for the welfare of the member-engineers and their families;
  • To construct or purchase Poriyaalar Illams at District Head Quarters and the places wherever necessary which will serve as Rest Houses and to maintain them;
  • To institute and present awards to the engineers for the distinguished services rendered by them to the Department and society;
  • To institute and present awards to the children of the members for the excellent performance in the field of education, sports and culture;
  • To grant affiliation to the Associations having members with similar qualifications and service conditions which seek such affiliation for want of separate recognition, without affecting the interest and service conditions of members of this Association.
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