Unique Feature of the Association of Engineers

This association is not a mere service Association, claiming and protecting the rights and privileges of its members, though it is one of its many aims and objectives. The activities of this Association are widely diversified, especially, in the course of the last two decades. It has launched and successfully carried out many schemes, as a fore-runner to other service organisations in this State and elsewhere. Some of them are as follows:

A) Technical Training Programme for improving the professional competence of its member Engineers. This Association, in pursuance of its objectives, organized and conducted the following courses and training programmes.

  1. Project Management through PERT/CPM – 3 Nos.
  2. Computer Programming in PL/1 language
  3. Architecture
  4. Foundations for Structures in difficult sub-soil conditions
  5. Practical applications of Advanced Structural Designs
  6. Design and Construction of Multi-storeyed buildings
  7. Modern Management Techniques as applied to Engineering Departments
  8. Design of Foundations and detailing.

B) Publication of many Technical Handbooks containing the latest Design Data and Construction Guidelines, updating the technical knowledge of the member-engineers in the context of the rapid advancements in the engineering sciences and methods as listed below:

  1. Engineer's Hand Book Volume I – 1968
  2. Technical Information, 1972 , 1973, 1974 and 1975
  3. Project Management through PERT/CPM – 1977
  4. Mini Technical Hand Book – 1979
  5. Mini Technical and Financial Hand Book – 1980
  6. Hand Book for Foundations in difficult subsoil conditions – 1980
  7. Practical Applications of Advanced Structural Designs
  8. The Modern Management Techniques as applied to Engineering Departments
  9. Mini Technical Hand Book – 1981
  10. Mini Technical Hand Book – 1982
  11. Mini Service Hand Book – 1983
  12. Mini Technical Hand Book – 1983
  13. Design and Construction of Multi-storeyed Buildings (Revised & Enlarged)
  14. Mini Technical Hand book – 1984
  15. Mini Technical Hand Book – 1985
  16. Civil Engineering Hand Book – 1986
  17. Service Manual for TNPWD Engineers – 1987
  18. Electro Mech. Hand book – 1987
  19. Chief Engineer's Circulars (Buildings) – 1988
  20. Mini Technical Hand Book – 1990
  21. AE's Classified List – 1990
  22. Mini Technical Hand Book – 1991
  23. Design of Foundations & Detailing – 1991
  24. Designed Houses for All – 1992 & 1996
  25. Mini Technical Hand Book – 1993
  26. Mini Technical Hand Book – 1996
  27. Hand Book of Consolidated Data – Volume I – updated 8/2000
  28. Hand book on Cement and Cement Data – 1998
  29. Designed Houses for all (Revised and Enlarged and Third Edition) 8/2000
  30. Hand Book of Consolidated Data Vol. II – June 2001
  31. Foundation failure – Remedial Measures
  32. Hand Book on Irrigation Structures – June 2003
  33. Hand Book on Irrigation Circulars

C) Putting forward to the Government many specific proposals for improving the efficiency of the Engineering Departments and adopting a highly co-operative attitude in carrying out the numerous welfare schemes of the Government for improving the standard of life of the community.

D) Administering the Engineers' Benevolent Fund for giving succour and relief to the families of member engineers who die in harness without looking always to the Government for such assistance.

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