Present Demands of the Association

  1. Pay Revision for AEs, AEEs and EEs to remove pay anomaly;
  2. Time bound promotions for compensating acute stagnation among PWD Engineers;
  3. Revival of CE (MI) in PWD and entrusting all Minor Iirrigation works with the PWD in order to attract foreign assistance;
  4. Up-gradation of SE (P&D) Circle as CE (R&D) (Buildings) for improving efficiency;
  5. Revival of CE (Technical Education) Construction Wing for improving performance;
  6. Enhancement of Financial Delegation of Powers for CEs and other Engineers after 1984 in tune with cost of price index;
  7. Amalgamation of building activities under Building Branch of PWD in order to improve standards and quality of work – concurrent implementation along with WRCP;
  8. Revival of PG Study under Government cost from IAMWARM funds;
  9. Higher status and higher pay scale for the post of E-in-C, PWD as granted in other State Governments;
  10. Sanction of Electrical Division for WRO, PWD to look after electrical installations;
  11. Representation in Experts Committee for finalizing staff strength of PWD in an effective and pragmatic way;
  12. Construction of Staff Quarters and sanction of vehicles for Engineers under IAMWARM funds;
  13. Re-designation of Technical PA to EE as Deputy EE in accordance with the current nomenclature;
  14. Formation of Government Lands Development Circle for developing infrastructural facilities and protecting them;
  15. Abolition of G.O. Ms. No. 1 PW, dated 2.1.1990;
  16. Abolition of G.O. Ms. No. 66 PW, dated 12.3.2007;
  17. Recruitment of AEs every year through TNPSC;
  18. Publication of AEs classified list;
  19. Fixing BE degree as minimum qualification at Section Level;
  20. Stopping bifurcation of PWD.

Plans for the future

This Association celebrated its Silver Jubilee in the year 1961, Golden Jubilee during 1986 and Diamond Jubilee in 1996. The strength of membership now is around 1800, comprising of all the Graduate Engineers from Assistant Engineers to Chief Engineers in the TNPWD, many of them holding Post Graduate and Doctorate Degrees in Engineering and Management disciplines and having vast experience in the various fields of Engineering, it is now marching for planning to train its member-Engineers and preparing the TNPWD to meet the many challenging tasks of the future. The Association has plans for the modernisation of the TNPWD to make it function in tune with the needs of the changing times and the fast developing technological process.

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